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Kojie San Herbal Lightening Lotion

Quick Overview

Kojie San Herbal Lightening Lotion makes you fairer and brighter

Kojie San Herbal Lightening Lotion is a specially formulated with Kojic acid and Vitamin C. The lotion helps to achieve desired fairness within a few weeks of regular use.

Who should use the product?

  • Individuals who are ashamed to go out in public for poor skin conditions.
  • Individuals who want to get back their original complexions and vibrant skins.
  • Individuals who want to look dashing and want to catch attentions of people wherever they go.Individuals who want to maintain their current skin textures and current fairness.

Actually, it’s a mass selling herbal lotion, which have made millions of people all over the world beautiful and attractive.

What is the specialty of this skin lightening lotion?

Kojie San Herbal Lightening Lotion is an amazing skin whitening solution for common people. Here are some reasons behind their huge popularity –

  • The main ingredients are all naturally extracted products like Kojic acid, Ascorbic acid, Sweet Orange extract, Vegetable Extracts and Glycerin. Hence, the product is completely safe to use.
  • It is specially formulated to work on all the three layers of skin - dermis, epidermis and hypodermis.


  • It makes the skin bright and fair.
  • It is a good anti-aging agent. Removes fine lines and wrinkles quickly.
  • It also works like a powerful sunscreen lotion.
  • It stops hyperpigmentation.

Besides, it has innumerable other positive effects on the skin.

How to use?

  • It should be used twice daily all over the body.
  • While going outside it can be applied on the open parts of the body to protect the skin from harmful sun light.

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