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Gluta C Glutathione Body Lotion

Quick Overview

Reduces wrinkles and fine lines Vitamin C deeply hydrate and reduce signs of premature aging Provides invisible cover from the sunlight It is oil free lotion and non greasy formulation Gives advanced skin nourishment without leaving any sticky residue Helps renew damaged skin and great healthier youthful glow It is non irritating and and allergy free

Gluta c skin whitening body lotion When the pollution level is increasing rapidly people are looking for a skin care product that will help to even out the skin tone. The lotion is a lightweight thing that can be applied all over the body. The Glutathione Body Lotion will help to reduce melanin production of the skin and that will help to hides the signs of aging. The skin whitening body lotion also protects the skin from sun damage, and apart from that, the lotion will rejuvenate the skin. The lotion cures the flaky skin as it has therapeutic ingredients that are derived from the natural resources. 


•The lotion provides adequate moisture to the skin. 

•The fairness body lotion will give even skin tone by reducing the freckles and dark spots.

•It has anti-aging properties, so the lotion will help to reduce the fine lines from the skin.

•The skin will glow from with and the lotion will help to hide the sign of aging. 

•The lotion will help to reduce the sun tan from the skin so that the skin looks brighter. 

Recommended dosage: The lotion should be applied all over body. One should apply fine layer on the body.

Precaution: One needs to incorporate the lotion after taking opinion from the dermatologist. 

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